Working on some Sargent mastercopy on this rainy day ☔️⚡️ #singersargent #painting #art #study #art #rainyday

These are some of my watercolor landscape painting I’ve been doing over the summer :)

Been going out to paint more thanks to @maxwperkins and @tiffiemangoes ❤️ my lovely landscape painting buds #watercolor #pleinairpainting

I love painting at Catalina Cafe in Redondo :)

This was quick 30 min speed paint of three girls chattin& knitting.

Working on Sargent’s Mastercopy 

Tattoo Illustration

Plein-air paintings. 

Painting Class

Make-A-Wish charity poster I made for Thiel’s charity project. I had a lot of fun just working loose :)

Some of my landscape studies I have been doing for class :) 

Scarlet Letter bookcover illustration for Thiel’s class. I had fun playing with shapes.

An illustration for Kevin Barry’s “Ernestine and Kit.”

Just something I made overnight for Ron Zeitler :) Christmassss is coming soon ! woohooooooooo

Thank You Ron Zeitler for always helping me wrap up my piece together :)

Thank You Ron Zeitler, I could not have done this piece without you <3 :)