I love painting at Catalina Cafe in Redondo :)

This was quick 30 min speed paint of three girls chattin& knitting.

Working on Sargent’s Mastercopy 

Tattoo Illustration

Plein-air paintings. 

Painting Class

Make-A-Wish charity poster I made for Thiel’s charity project. I had a lot of fun just working loose :)

Some of my landscape studies I have been doing for class :) 

Scarlet Letter bookcover illustration for Thiel’s class. I had fun playing with shapes.

An illustration for Kevin Barry’s “Ernestine and Kit.”

Just something I made overnight for Ron Zeitler :) Christmassss is coming soon ! woohooooooooo

Thank You Ron Zeitler for always helping me wrap up my piece together :)

Thank You Ron Zeitler, I could not have done this piece without you <3 :) 

Watercolors from Mediaaaa from few months back :) A ship… yummy food…. and andrewwierzba's derpy portrait.

Thanks theonides for an amazing time !! We learned so much, and the four of us had such a great bonding time! We learned how to be a healthy artist, how to gesso, how to keep good brushes, how to make clean colors, how to be efficient, and most importantly how to make a good quality painting. It was extremely challenging painting on 24X36 but it was all worth it. You really pushed us to use thick bold brushstrokes. Thanks for sharing your process and really opening my eyes! :)


Photos from this weeks 2 day workshop  #Sarasota FL.

DAY 1:
-Digital portfolio review and paint overs.
-Techniques of the cheap artist - Building custom canvas, conserving and caring for materials.
-Large oil paint demo - Mixing clean color, and applying clean brushstrokes.
-Photography for day 2.

DAY 2:
-Concept Fine Art Assignment - Transfer drawing onto board.
-6 hours of instructed painting from life - Learning to see and exaggerate colors from life, while applying to day 1’s photo reference.
-Create illustration based on life + photos + Google print outs.
-Clean and preserve quality of brushes and materials.

Interested in another 2 day workshop? Join us next time in Saint Armands circle - Sarasota FL. Workshop fee $250 per person.

<3 Theo

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working on scratchboarddddddddd. my aztec version of alphonse mucha’s design :)